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Logic Compatible Embedded DRAM

Embedded DRAM technologies place DRAM memory cells on the same IC as high performance logic circuits.  Conventional DRAM requires low leakage high voltage transistors while high performance logic circuits use high leakage low voltage transistors.  Conventional embedded DRAM technologies provide both types of circuits on the same IC, resulting in complex manufacture technologies; typical conventional embedded DRAM technologies require more than 6 additional masks than typical logic technologies require.

UniRAM embedded DRAM technologies take a different approach.  Using design architectures called “small block architectures” that shorten bit lines, we allow DRAM memory cells working with high leakage transistors.  Therefore, embedded DRAM can be manufactured by logic technologies with no or minimal changes in manufacture processes.

A series of IPs has been developed to support logic compatible embedded DRAM, including:

  • Design architectures that shorten bit lines while minimizinge area penalties.
  • DRAM memory cells built by logic technologies with no or minimal changes.
  • Yield and Reliability enhancement circuits supporting logic compatible embedded DRAM.
  • Methods to avoid the effect of gate leakage current for nanometer technologies.


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